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Pre-Trip Thoughts & Prayers

Well - just so everyone knows - this is the first blog that I (Lance) have ever created. I'm hoping that it works out okay. I believe I can upload videos and pictures here, but just in case, feel free to follow our UCC social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel as I may opt to post pictures and video updates from there as well.

We will be heading out on our trip this coming Monday, the 26th (only a week from today and we'll be in the air flying to Utah!)

If you are part of our larger team of prayer warriors - please be keeping our trip in your prayers. Pray for safety, protection, and smooth sailing as we travel. Be praying for the hearts and minds of those on our team as well as for those that we will be meeting with, interacting with, and serving.

We are grateful for your prayers and support and look forward to updating you further!

- Lance

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