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An Eventful day Five!

Hello friends and family -

It is once again a late night blog post so I am going to make this brief. Today was a mixed bag of good and bad. Our team attended worship service with SouthEast Christian Church here in Murray Utah this morning. It was an excellent service and great getting to hear pastor Mike Packer bring the word.

We grabbed lunch with pastor Mike and his family after service and then got to relax for a bit in the afternoon. However - with Dave still not feeling well, we decided to seek medical care so that hopefully he can be feeling well enough to travel on Tuesday morning. He is doing okay - still not feeling super great - but we will try and keep you updated on his condition as best as possible. (I don't want to write too much as I'm not sure how much to share).

Our teens got to meet Ross Anderson in the evening downtown Salt Lake - he is a pastor at Alpine Christian Church and the author of the book "Loving Your Mormon Neighbor," that we read in our training leading up to the trip. It was great to hear from Ross and have him share his story with us.

Please continue in your prayers for the team and for Dave in particular. We deeply appreciate those that are supporting us through their prayers - we are offering up our plans into the hands of the Lord knowing that he will care for us as we move forward over the next couple days.

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