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Hey everyone! WOW. What a jammed packed week it has been. I can hardly believe that it is our last night here in Utah. It has been crazy and wild all around - God has provided at every turn and we have seen Him working and moving in powerful ways even amidst difficulties and set-backs.

FIRST off - I know MANY of you have been praying diligently for Dave, and I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your prayers have been answered thus far. I am amazed at the miraculous ways that God has worked even TODAY. Dave spent the night last night in the hospital, and this morning it was looking like surgery might be a possibility. We were scrambling (at least I know I was!) to try and figure out shifting travel plans and figuring out what might need to happen if he needed to extend his stay...

HOWEVER - by mid-day, the blockage that had us worried had passed and the doctor had told Dave that pending what the afternoon looked like that he could be released by this evening! I'm so grateful to inform you that we picked Dave up from the hospital just a couple hours ago and he is spending the night in a hotel resting up so that he can travel back safely tomorrow. Wow. God is so good -

Please continue in your prayers for Dave and for our travels tomorrow. We are petitioning for smooth travels (no cancelations!) and for stamina for the team and especially for Dave as he is pretty run down.

I can't even express to you all how grateful we are for your continued prayer support. Today was a bit more of a relaxed day - we had initially planned to go to the lake today, but it was raining out. We slept in some, had a friend from a local church bring us crepes for breakfast this morning - visited Dave in the hospital, and ate at the famous local restaurant Red Iguana.

We are looking forward to traveling back tomorrow! I (Lance) will be heading further out West for my younger brother's wedding, but will accompany the team all the way to the gate in the morning to see them off. Kim and Dave will be with them for the rest of the flight back to Tennessee.

I've already had several people asking me about a trip to Utah NEXT summer - and to be honest, I haven't had the chance to even think about it yet. It's been such a crazy week - but I'm sure we will be looking forward to whatever God has in store for us.

Much love and many thanks to everyone! God Bless.

[Below are some pictures from today - apologies for the abundance of selfies XD]

[Dave gave me permission to include this]

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