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A Good First Day.

Hello friends and family - so thankful to update everyone that we made it here to Salt Lake City safely! We landed in SLC last night at about 11pm and got to the church where we are staying at around midnight - needless to say, we didn't need much help falling asleep.

We got to sleep in this morning - wonderful considering we didn't sleep much at all the night before on the floor of the airport! After waking up, getting showers, and eating a hearty breakfast - we got to explore the church that we are staying at.

Above is a photo of us at CrossTower Church of Christ (Not the church we're staying at - but where we went to today to pick up the bounce houses that we were using for the family fun night!) With us is Tatiana, Matt, and Eli - All three help at a church plant down in Utah valley and Eli is a rep for Loving Utah > check out their website here:

Our first service project! Helping clean/organize the large basement at our host church - SouthEast Christian Church. They are hosting another church currently in their building and so they are doing their best to utilize all the space they can! We helped assemble shelving units and organize.

After helping organize some in the morning - we prepped for a "Family Fun Night" that we were helping to host at SouthEast. There was an awesome turnout! We cooked burgers and dogs and set up some large bounce houses that we a big hit with the kids! Below are some photos from the event!

Riley says "The bounce houses were pretty cool! And we had a pine cone fight and that was cool!"

Lana says "That she is the strongest on the team and mom would be proud of me because I'm actually doing something!"

We got to share this evening the ways we've seen God working throughout the last couple days - our team got to reflect on the difficulties of the traveling over here but also God's protection during and through those tough travels. We are excited to be meeting the people that he brought across our paths this evening and grateful to finally be here. It was a blast having the "Family Fun Night" this evening and we had a lot more people show up than we initially thought were going to be there!

It was a busy and long day - tomorrow will be a touch more relaxed as we continue to work on the service projects here around the church! Sending much love back to our friends and family back home.

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1 Comment

Sherry McCain Tysinger
Sherry McCain Tysinger
Jul 30, 2021

Love the pictures and seeing and hearing how

God is using each of you!

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