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Stuck at the Airport!

Well here we are at Charlotte Douglas International Airport - we have made it through security all together and are sitting outside of our gate ready to go. HOWEVER - because of some pretty gnarly thunder and lightening outside, our flight has been delayed! Looks like we'll be getting in to Salt Lake City a touch later than we had anticipated.

We are still excited and looking forward to boarding soon!

Riley says "I'm trying to go to sleep and I can't!"

Ella says "I'm stuck at an airport!"[Thumbs Up!]

Kim says "What's up! Actually, hang on - Kim is intensely reading a book while listening to music while helping Hannah watch something, and bugging Riley, and taking away Lana's ideas."

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Andy Frazier
Andy Frazier

". . . getting into Salt Lake City a touch later than we anticipated."

:-D Famous last words.

Thanks for sharing these pictures and updates!

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