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Day Two Update!

Hello everyone! We are just putting the wraps on an AWESOME second day here in Utah. Today was a little more laid back - but we still got a LOT of work done and the team is looking forward to a good night's rest tonight. We're also getting to bed a touch earlier than last night and I think everyone is ready for a full night's sleep.

This morning after breakfast - we got to continue working on our service project that we started yesterday. One of our goals for coming on this trip was to help serve and encourage the local Christian congregations that are here in Utah doing gospel work. Because of that, we wanted to spend at least a full day donating our time and efforts to serve the church who is hosting us (SouthEast Christian Church) in whatever ways they needed help.

As I mentioned yesterday - the biggest need they expressed to us was helping get the large basement organized and in shape. The church has quite a few ministries going on actively and collections for different ministry organizations that accumulate in the large basement area, and because of that, it's a bit overwhelming to keep in line. So our team spent the morning hours and a bit of the afternoon working to help clean, organize, and move large furniture, donations, and all kinds of odds and ends. There was also a lot of things that needed to be sorted through and taken to the dump, so we had a large dump receptacle that we filled to the brim (I'll post a coupe pictures below).

To cap off our day - we drove up to a short hike north of Salt Lake City proper. Behind us in the picture you can see the downtown area with the city capitol building right there. The view of the mountains here is breathtaking - we not only can see God working in the church and people around us, but in the amazing creation that we have the chance to experience.

We are grateful for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for good rest, protection, and opportunities to meet people and share the love of Jesus with them! Tomorrow, we are taking a two hour drive out to Duchesne County to help do a community/family outreach event with one of the only Christian churches out there!

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