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Day Four Extravaganza!

Wow! Another jammed packed day absolutely full of exciting events, adventures, relationship building, gospel sharing fun! We are definitely a bit tired finishing off today. We have been working hard over the last few days and the next couple days should be a little more relaxed thankfully. Continue to pray for stamina and strength as we finish out the tail end of our journey strong. The Lord has provided for us at every turn thus far and we are trusting in him to continue in his provision.

Our service project for the day consisted of assisting with a one day VBS put on by CrossTower Church of Christ. We woke up (despite being up late last night) and headed over this morning to the church to help prep and get ready for all the students to arrive.

The VBS was fantastic - lots of students were there - and we not only had the opportunity to play games, assist with crafts, snacks, and other fun things, but we were able to engage in several teaching sessions about key bible story characters and about the love of God and how it impacts our lives.

The VBS theme was "Wilderness 101" and the key scripture was Psalm 23. We worked on scripture memorization with the students and taught about Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness, King David's time in the wilderness, and Jesus's temptations in the wilderness. The crafts were wilderness theme as well as the games. The church typically has their youth group help a lot with putting on their VBS - but their teens were away this last week at camp, so we helped step in their place to assist as team leaders, game organizers, and teachers. It was an amazing opportunity to love on some students and share the love of Jesus with them in a very real way.

Unfortunately - the sad part of the day is that Dave came down sick during the course of the day. Thankfully, one of the members of the church there was a doctor and Dave was able to get some immediate medical attention. We think (and are hoping/praying) that he has a 24 hour travel bug. He is currently resting and we will keep everyone updated on his condition - but please be in pray for Dave. We are already missing his presence and want to see him back up and healthy as quick as possible.

On another note - today was also Riley's 15th birthday! We got some cake for him and celebrated together this evening. We went out to Café Rio (a Utah original) - a Mexican restaurant (at his request for burritos) for dinner with the team. Happy Birthday Riley!

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