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Anticipation & Prayer

Nervous and excited anticipation is probably the best way to describe what I'm feeling right now. This is Lance posting a quick update on 7/25/21 - the night before we head out on our mission trip to Utah. This trip has been a LONG time in the coming. We initially had planned to go on this trip during the summer of 2020, but due to COVID had to bump it back a full year. So this trip has been in the planning phases for almost 2 full years!

The team has grown and grown - comprised of not only the members from the two churches that are going on the trip - but our team members that have been supporting us through prayer, financial means, and our hosting churches in Utah!

We are immensely grateful for each and every person who has contributed in every way, shape, and form over the last couple years to make this trip a reality. It's hard to believe that it is upon us!

For the prayer warriors out there - I wanted to give you a little insight to direct your prayers in the next day or so. Tomorrow morning the team will be meeting at Unicoi Christian Church in the morning for our prayer send off. From there we will be driving to Charlotte International Airport and taking a flight straight to Salt Lake City from there. We should land in SLC about 9pm MST, (so it will feel like 11pm for those of us on EST)! Please pray for smooth sailing through security in the airports - for safety traveling, and for safe arrival in Utah!

Below, I am going to provide a list of our team members and the churches that are taking part in this joint venture so that you can be praying for people and churches by name: (For safety purposes, I will only use first names)


Team Members

  • Lance

  • Dave

  • Kim

  • Ella

  • Hannah

  • Riley

  • Lana

  • Glenn

  • Shari

We also had one more team member who had been preparing to accompany us on this trip, but if unfortunately no longer able to come with us; but please keep Julianna in your prayers as well!


  • Unicoi Christian Church & First Christian Church Erwin (are the two churches sending the team from Tennessee)

  • SouthEast Christian Church (In Murray, Utah) is our host church

  • First Baptist Church of Duchesne, Utah. We will be helping host a family outreach day at this church on our trip. Duchesne County is a county of approx. 20,000 people and only 1 or 2 Evangelical Christian churches in the entire county. Just for perspective - Unicoi County has about 17/18,000 people and around 100 Evangelical Christian Churches.

  • CrossTower Church of Christ - Our team will be assisting CrossTower host a one day VBS during our trip.

We welcome your prayers - and please feel free to leave comments in the comment section below on the blog to let us know that you are partnering with us in prayer! Look forward to updating you again soon from Utah!

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1 Comment

Lisa Edmondson
Lisa Edmondson
Jul 26, 2021

Praying for a good start to your trip

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