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Adventures of Day Three!

Hey friends and family! It is past midnight here as I (Lance) write this blog post. So I am going to keep it relatively brief. We just got back to the church a few minutes ago and are settling into bed now.

Today was our day visiting pastor Carl Wimmer and his church out in Duchesne, UT. Duchesne is about a 2 hour drive from the Salt Lake Valley where we are, so we left this morning and took a gorgeous drive through the mountains out to the town.

We helped the church in Duchesne - which is one of the only Christian Churches in a county of 20,000 + people, host an outreach family fun evening. We packed up the bounce houses that we have on loan and took them in a trailer behind the van and set them up for the neighborhood kids to come use.

The event was a blast and a fantastic success! Amazing to hear about how God is moving and working in the hearts and minds of people there in Duchesne and in the church there. They are growing like crazy with lots of baptisms and Jesus is doing some powerful things there. So excited to be a part of it. I will include a few photos of the day below.

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